• Working in cold weather

    Working in cold weather

    Some workers are required to work outdoors in cold weather for extended periods, for example, construction workers, garbage collectors, police officers and

  • Slips, trips and falls

    Slips, trips and falls 

    With the onset of this wet and cold weather, it is definitely a prime time for slips, trips and falls for people of all ages, in all occupations, indoors a

  • A Guide to Audiometric Testing

    Audiometric Assessments

    Audiometric Assessments or Audiometric tests determine a person’s hearing level with the help of an audiom

  • Diary of an Audiometric Screener

    Anitech Consulting launched its audiometric testing services in Queensland earlier this year. Urban Turf Solutions had their employees’ hearing tested by the new Audiometric Testing Queensland (ATQ)

  • Risks Associated with Hearing Loss

    Why Is It So Necessary To Have Good Hearing In Certain Industries?

    I am sure those of you who work in industries where noise is always a factor will understand why it is so importa